Pretty Hot

I just heard the words “Likert scale” and it made my day better.


All we ever really want on a Sunday AM. 

strawberries ….


All we ever really want on a Sunday AM. 

strawberries ….

First Client

Well I took a step today — I posted on a Facebook page — as that page. I know, it’s not that big of a deal. But I’ve really only posted for my day job, and I usually first pass that by my boss (who says, “Sure. Have at it.”)

Today I posted something. I checked the other posts and kept it in the same tone. Authenticity is important to me, and something I’m particularly concerned about with this group. I didn’t worry about passing it by others. It was information given to me by my client. It felt empowering.

I kept myself from worrying too much because the reality is that there’s only 50 fans currently, so only 13 people really saw the post.

But my goal is to grow the page! Get some people to this band’s next showing! Get them some love! So I emailed them with some ideas on how to use Facebook. Yet to hear back, but again, this is new ground for me. It feels solid.


A conversation on Facebook about what people are giving up for Lent. I’ve already been working hard on giving up coffee, soda, sweets. Most of the food I eat is already vegetarian. So the easy choices are out.

I think I’ll try giving up my negative and judgmental thoughts — including those I have of myself. Which led me to wondering about what that means. Why I hold onto those thoughts. They must be valuable because they make me miserable. I don’t like thinking that those around me are being careless or thoughtless. I don’t like thinking I have nothing worthwhile to offer an employer. Their influence is not positive, but they’re so easy. They’re the habits I fall into, but not the ones I want to have. So here’s to 40 days of mental readjustment, being present in the moment, and staying positive/compassionate/forgiving.


I spent 8 years in Sugar Land, Texas. During that time, I hated it. People were weird and different. The land was flat. The air was wet. When it came time to applying for colleges, I found three out-of-state schools that in Washington, Massachusetts, and Minnesota.  You couldn’t get more north or blue than those places.

But now I’m reconsidering those years. I’ve been thinking about how we view our stories, tell them to others, and incorporate the chapters into a whole book. I sort of lucked out. Because she couldn’t find a church that fit her needs (and because the right postcard came at the right time), she was part of founding a new church down there. (  

I had amazing math, science, civics, and English teachers. Who would I be right now if my Chemistry, Physics, C++, Calculus teachers had been men? I loved those subjects (maybe not Physics). I think having the right teachers made all the difference.

Sadly in college, I had professors that were jerks, dismissive, and just didn’t work for me. So I went into theater. Maybe if I had gone to Sam Houston State, I would be a programmer now? Maybe if I had gone to Minnesota, I would be an environmental chemist? Maybe if I had gone to Massachusetts, I would be a social work, walking in my grandmother’s steps?

I went to Washington. I am a theater person, which in turn has made me into a business person. 

To get back to my original point, when I was 19 left Texas, and I thought I was closing the door on it. Now I’m not so sure. It’s nice to realize I never welded it shut.

tiny: maybe there is something you’re afraid to say, or someone you’re afraid to love, or somewhere you’re afraid to go. it’s gonna hurt. it’s gonna hurt because it matters.
David Levithan (Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan)

Words I Hate






Shoshanna’s Workshop

This week I got to overhear a workshop on twitter, aimed for artists and organizations. It was a good refresh on how to use the site, its benefits and cons. Also, everyone walked in with a different question and left with a good answer. It was great hearing them discover the potential and resolve to try it out.

This is my favorite quote of the day: "I love this. It’s kind of fun"